Monday, October 14, 2013

Kindergarten 2013-2014

Yay!  We have our class blog up and running!  We have been doing all kinds of fun things since the beginning of the year!  Here is a recap!
We made paper mache globes to learn that our Earth is a sphere!

We got plane tickets and passports and took a trip around the world!

We got henna tattoos in Asia!

We had a Teddy Bear picnic and parade to learn about Teddy Roosevelt.

We made applesauce to learn about Johnny Appleseed!

 The firemen came to teach us about fire safety!

We got to go on a field trip to Miller Farms!

We made Stone Soup with our veggies from Miller Farms!

I am looking forward to posting more frequently now that I have permission slips!  Stay tuned for more exciting things from kindergarten!

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