Friday, January 29, 2016

Cooking Club- hummus

We made hummus today in cooking club and it was so fun and yummy!  I was surprised by how many kids liked it...especially since I forgot the garlic at home!  After making it, we got to eat it with pretzels!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thank you, Love bags

To continue our learning this week about how to make less trash, a fabulous company, Love Bags ( sent up some reusable bags!  The kids are so excited about the different patterns!  They are also excited to be able to buy "clothes, school supplies, food, and toys" to put in their new bags!  They also spent their free time after lunch going through the catalog circling the additional bags they want!
Cooper says, “Thank you for giving us the bags.   It’s great because if you are shopping and something is heavy then you can put it in the bag and not have to get a throw away one from the store.”

Camden says, “I really like these bags.  Thank you!  They are great because there are so many different kinds.  I like that you put on the tags so we know where to go to order different ones if we want!”

Annabelle says, “Thank you for the bags.  I very much like them.  Thank you very much.  I like the different colors and how the bags are different than other bags.  I really like the ones you can roll up in the pouch.”

Luke says, “Thank you for giving these bags to us.  I am ready to put stuff in them like my lunch!”

Spending our free time circling more reusable bags we want!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thank you, Bumkins

We started our service learning campaign today!  We are learning about trash and how we can make less of it!  We will design reusable bags that we will get to hand out for free to people going into King Soopers!

To help us practice making less trash many companies have partnered with us to send the kiddos items that they can reuse to encourage less waste!

Our first company that we received items from is Bumkins (  They sent us different designs and sizes of reusable pouches that could be use for sandwiches, chips, snacks, etc!  The kids are so excited to use them in their lunchboxes!  Thank you Bumkins!

Delaney says, “Thank you for donating these!  I love how you made the designs and different sizes.  They are really cool.  We want to give you a really big thank you poster!”

Toron says, “We like the bags so much.  I love them because of the different sizes and we can put food in them so we don’t have to throw anything away.  They aren’t like usual bags because they have a zipper that is easy to use! The Dr. Seuss ones are my favorite but lots of people like the pink, blue, and white swirly ones too!”

Jasper says, “Thank you for giving us these bags.  They are so soft and I like all of the sizes.  It is great that we can keep them so we don’t throw them away.  They seem great and you can’t ruin them.”

Addy says, “We love sharing our world together with you!”

Monday, January 25, 2016

Our first cooking club!

We had our first cooking club last Friday and it was great!  We made honey milk balls!  The kids really enjoyed being able to mix and measure the ingredients!  We learned how to measure 1 cup and how if we are trying to follow a recipe we make sure not to do any less or any more!  Then we got to get messy and roll the balls ourselves before eating them!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A little funny!

Just in case you were wondering some of the things we go through each day in kindergarten...

I am most excited though with how well they are all writing right now!!

The Revolutionary War

Mr. George (not George Washington) came to our class today to teach us about the Revolutionary War.  We had so much fun and learned a lot.  We even got to play games and do chores that kids back then would have done.  I learned an interesting fact...some women fought in the war too! The kids really liked the money and dressing up!

What we would have looked like in the 1700's!

A slate to practice school work!

Soap!  They only took a bath twice a year in the 1700's!

That is a brick of tea and it is how it came to America from the East India trading company.

Playing the fife!


A lantern with distinguishing marks to identify the owner!

A game for kids...trying to get a ball attached to a string into the hole!

Kids had chores fetching the water!

Apparently teachers also have chores!

Pajama Day!


"I have on 3 pairs of pajamas today, Ms. Baker!!"

"Don't I look fabulous?"

Star Wars selfie!

Star Wars buddies!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Wright Brothers

1-2-3- FLY!

Paper airplane contest winners!
We are learning about the Wright Brothers this week and how the made the first airplane!  To celebrate our learning we made paper airplanes to see just how tricky it is to make something fly!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Stand up workstation

I have been doing a lot of research this year on the benefits of standing!  There is quite a bit of research out there on the correlations between standing and improved focus, higher test scores, lower obesity rates, and few behavioral challenges.  While this class is probably not the best class to test out these things since they are such an easy going, academically strong class to begin with; I thought it couldn't hurt!  So I got a stand-up workstation donated to our class that can accommodate 5 learners at a time!  I am also in the process of writing grants to try to receive funding for more of these stations to be used in other classes around the school.  They are amazing and the kids are loving it!  And I am loving seeing the kids get to move more, have more control over their learning environment, and use such great problem solving skills to determine how the station will be used!