Friday, November 18, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Feast

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast today where all of our families could come together and enjoy time, and lots of food, in our classroom!  The food was delicious and the company was spectacular!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Making Butter

To learn what life was like as a pilgrim, we did lots of chores!  One chore was hard but fun...we made butter!  The best part was that we got to eat it on crackers afterwards and we got to take some home to share with our families!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Native Americans!

In between election and football talk, we also began learning about the early Americans this week!  We have been learning what they ate, wore, made their houses out of, and fought with since they did not have stores!

SAINTS vs. Broncos

Also during election week, we have been spreading some SAINTS love around our very Broncos school.  To be fair....a few of the kids in our class and I have been spreading the SAINTS love!  We still have some Broncos loyalists!  Through the experience we have learned how to have fun with sports and not let them divide us!  We have also learned how to be "good sports" when payback happens!

I gave all of the staff a little "SAINTSgram" each day!  Here was Day 3!

And the payback!

Kindergarten election

Like the rest of our country, the kindergartners got to vote on November 8!  This led to quite a few discussions/heated debates/impassioned talking!  We had a great talk about being able to listen to others opinions respectfully and not letting that ruin a friendship.  We also learned vocabulary words like anonymous, ballot box, Republican, Democrat, popular vote, and electoral college!  Here are the results:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Healthy Eating Unit- Thank you Hope Foods!

Another local company sent us healthy treats to try today!  Hope Hummus (!  They even sent along chips from Way Better Snacks ( to dip in the hummus! I have a saying that "hummus is yummus" and it is one of my favorite foods!  Hope hummus also has a delicious chocolate hummus and thai coconut curry hummus!  Today we tried the original and the kiddos loved it!  I was super proud of everyone for giving it a try! Here is what they had to say:

Porter says, “The best think that I ever had!  And it has some spice to it!”
Meara says, “I love it. I never had it in my whole entire life. I just love this so badly and can’t resist eating it. It is just that good.”
Jocelyn says, “This is the best thing ever that I ever had.  You are the best company ever.  I love, love, love you!  Hummus is the best!  And those chips!”
Elliot says, “Thank you! I like this!”
Nolan says, “I love this!  The hummus tastes really, really, really good! It is spicy and I just love that! It is very very very very very very very my favorite!”
Olivia says, “I like this.  It is really good!”
Arya says, “This is the yummiest. And the hummus is yummus is the goodest ever.”
Austin says, “I really like this hummus!  It is really spicy!”
Kyren says, “I love the hummus so much because it is good and spicy!”
Kallen says, “I love the hummus because it is soooo spicy and so so soooooo good!”

Malachi says, “Hummus is yummus!”

And because we've been in cheering/chanting mode lately, this happened:

Cooking club- chicken quesadillas and guacamole

Today we had Mr. Jason and Ms. Heather in our class for cooking club!  They taught us how to make chicken quesadillas and guacamole!  The kids were super excited about the avocados because  they know they are so healthy for us that they make our body go "zing, zing, zing!"  And the chicken quesadillas had veggies on them to make our bodies go "zing, zing" too!  Some kids were a little nervous about the sweet peppers and onions but after they tried a bite of all of the ingredients mixed together, they LOVED it!  Thanks Jason and Heather for a great cooking club!