Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Party

A great time was had by all today as we got to wear our PJ's, play some games, eat some treats, and make an ornament!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful break and a Merry Christmas!
The kids made a pattern with 102 cubes!

Our Elf, Bob, put treats in our stockings!

Throw the presents down the chimney!

The middle school kids brought is hot chocolate...

...and cookies!

We played a rhyming game!

We made ornaments!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gingerbread Men

We have been reading different variations of the Gingerbread Man story all week.  Today was the special day that we were going to get to eat gingerbread men cookies.  However, when we went to eat them we noticed that they had run away.  We chased them down around the school and after some helpful tips from some middle schoolers we found that they ended up in our principal, Ms. Chapman's office!  She put them in a container and kept them safe for us!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast

We learned a lot about the pilgrims and Native Americans over the past couple of weeks.  To celebrate what we learned, we had a feast like the pilgrims and Native Americans did for the first Thanksgiving!  It was a fun day with families and lots of food!  It was also sports shirt day and I had a fellow SAINTS buddy!

Making Butter!

To experience a little what life was like as a pilgrim, we made butter!  Unlike the pilgrims, we got to turn on music and dance around while making out butter.  To make, we put cream in a glass jar and shook it for a really long time.  First we got whipped cream, then butter and buttermilk formed!  It was so fun!  The best part was eating it on crackers!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hot chocolate

I have been asked by a lot of families, "How did you survive last week with the freezing, snowy weather and the kids not being able to go outside all week?"  The answer chocolate!  It turned out to be super motivating to the kids and also kept us warm as the temperatures dipped below zero!

Letter sounds

We learned all 26 of our letter sounds!  We still have 46 phonograms to go but since we made it through the first 26 the kids now get the privilege of sitting on their desks as we review the sounds!  They love it and it makes them look forward to RIGGS everyday!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Discussion Question- Do Mermaids us gills or lungs to breathe?

Do mermaids use gills or lungs to breathe?


Kate- They use lungs to breathe because humans have lungs.

Caitlin- They use gills so they can stay underwater a long time.

Eva-They use gills because underwater the gills when they are underwater will let them breather.

Mathew- They use gills because they can breathe underwater for a long time.

Abby- They use gills because humans don’t use gills to breathe and mermaids are more fish.

Kierra-They use gills because they can talk underwater.

Praveen-They use lungs because they breathe air up above.

Madilyn R.-They use lungs because they go outside of the water to breathe.

Landen- They have lungs in their chest and gills in their fins because they are half human up top and half fish down there.  Maybe the lungs and gills are connected together and switch on and off.

Leora-They use gills so they can breathe underwater.

Alsacia-They have lungs because they are half human at the top and that is where their lungs are.

Kerri-They have lungs because they come up for air.

Jacob- They have both because they are half human and half mermaid.

Lilly-They have both because in the water her tail makes her swim and when she is outside it makes her breathe.

Ryleigh- I think mermaids are real and they can stay underwater more so they use gills.

Hannah-They use lungs because they are half human and half fish and where the lungs are is where they are human.

Ryan- They use both because I think they come up to the surface some and down in the water some.

Jillian- They use gills because then they can stay underwater for a very long hour.

Brandon-They use gills because it helps them breathe more than people breathe underwater.

Levi- They have both because they are half human half fish.

Adrienne- They use lungs because they look like a person.

Madeline B.-They use lungs because lungs can be for humans or mermaids.

Caleb- They use both because they can go underwater and for diving up.


Sorting Money

We got to collect money for UNICEF while trick-or treating.  We are hoping to get some soccer balls for refugee kids or a bike to help deliver medicine!  Today we sorted the money and Ms. Spinney will take it to the bank this weekend to see how much we raised!

Fall Fun!

Thanks to the wonderful families of our class, we had a great fall party!  We ate lots of yummy food, played "toss the spiders in the pumpkin", made a monster craft, played Halloween BINGO and got some goodie bags!  We even got to all come in costume.   Each person in our class had a different costume which was super fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A furry friend

We have a new furry friend in our class....a mouse!  We saw him run across our floor and into the sink.  So, we had a task force decide what to do.  Our decision maker decided to set a trap and tape around it so the mouse can only run into the cage.  The cage is full of bits from everyone's snack!

Learning about famous artists

To learn about Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, we "painted" under our desks!

Our Miro masterpiece winner!

Our Picasso masterpiece winners!

Our Michelangelo masterpiece winners!

Our Matisse masterpiece winners!

Around the world with Ms. Baker's class

We climbed a banana tree and got bananas in South America!

Yummy!  We ate Greek salad in Greece!

We got to see money from India!

We went on a safari and saw lots on animals in Africa!

Zebras on safari!

We had to cover our heads for the Middle East.

We made kites for Japan!


Animals tails in Africa!

We got to travel around the world in kindergarten.  We got our passports ready, packed our suitcases and flew to all 7 continents over 30 days!  We learned a lot!