Thursday, December 20, 2012

Singing for a Veteran

I was humbled today when a Marine stationed himself in front of our school to let us know that we were safe.  I was even further humbled when the kindergarteners wanted to sing the National Anthem for him ("Because he is a Veteran!") What an amazing kindergarten class!

Our Winter Party

Chippy the elf put candy canes in our stockings!!

We got to make a Santa ornament!

We decorated puzzle cookies!

We had a fun book exchange where each kid got a new book!

It was pajama day for our winter party so we were nice and cozy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gingerbread Men

Our day started off pretty normal.  We had these wonderful gingerbread men cookies made by Mrs. Jynette to look forward to eating this afternoon.

Then when we were finally able to eat them, we discovered that they had run away!  We quickly got in a line to go hunt for them!

We checked a lot of different classes and even the office.  Everyone had the same answer: the gingerbread men had gone by, messed things up, and run away.

Thankfully our thrid grade buddies caught them!  They even had the gingerbread men write a letter to us!

We had fun eating cookies and reading with our buddies!

We all want to know Mrs. Jynette's recipe now.  How did she make magical gingerbread men?!

Kindergarten Reindeer

A friend in our class brought everyone reindeer antlers and we had a blast wearing them all day.  We had to have a new flying to the North Pole during class!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gingerbread houses

Thanks to our wonderful cooking club helper, Mrs. Jynette, we were able to make gingerbread houses!  She assembled all of the houses for us and we got to do the fun part of decorating them.  The kids had an absolute blast!

The houses before decorations!

The houses after decorations!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chippy the Elf

We have a new member of our class for the month of elf sent from Santa himself to report back all of the wonderful things we do!  We had a student decision maker choose the name and we think he really likes it! Unfortunately, the other day he was sitting awfully close to our projector screen and when I pulled it down he fell.  The kids were horrified (luckily one child hugged me and said she forgave me!)  The kids took great care of Chippy. Since we can't touch him we used paper to pick him up and put him on a rest mat.  The kids covered him up and gave him a pillow too.  They also checked on him often!  Today Chippy was way up high were I could not injure him but left us a sweet note and some hot chocolate straight from the North Pole!
Chippy in recovery!

Our thank you note!

Chippy's new safe spot!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marshmallow Snowmen

We made marshmallow snowmen in cooking club!  They were so fun to make and it was awesome watching the kids eat them!!

A countdown to Christmas

We made advent calendars as a way to practice counting to 25 and also have a countdown to Christmas!  Each day the kids get to pull off a ring and count the remaining rings to find out how many days until Christmas!

Our class ocean

As part of our core knowledge curriculum we get to learn about the oceans.  We made ocean creatures, Rainbow Fish, and waves and turned our class into an ocean!  We even discussed how some people recognize 4 oceans while others recognize 5.  After the discussion the class decided that there are definitely 5 oceans.  They call the Southern Ocean the "Penguin Ocean"!!

Making Spiced Tea

One of my favorite winter treats is spiced tea with red hots so we made some in cooking club thanks to our wonderful cooking club volunteer!  The kids loved it (unfortunately because I was hoping to drink it all!) and were even able to take some home to share!

Our Thanksgiving feast

We are back up and running!  Thank you all for your patience.  Once I decided that I did not want to  delete any of my old kindergarten blogs to make room for this one, I learned that my browser did not support the google checkout process thus I could not buy more storage.  It is all sorted out now so I hope you all enjoy the things we have been doing since I last posted!

Before Thanksgiving we were taught about the voyage on the Mayflower by a pilgrim Ms. Baker!

Our group shot from our Thanksgving feast.  One of our students was out of town so we made a sign for her!

We had lots of yummy food for our Thanksgiving feast!

We got to share the food with our families!

We sat on the ground because that is where most people sat for the first Thanksgiving!