Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Traditions Around the World- The Pickle

We did a German tradition is class yesterday!  I hid a Christmas pickle and the kids had to find it!  The kiddo who found it got a prize that she shared with others which was super sweet!  AND, because this class loves them so much...we ate pickles!!

Holiday traditions around the world- St. Nick

We celebrated St. Nick's day like they do in Iceland!  We left our shoes outside while we napped to see if St. Nick would bring us treats (or sticks, coal or a potato if we were naughty!)  And he brought treats!!  And the kids loved sleeping in their socks!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hope Hummus Visitor!

Mr. Will from Hope Hummus came to our class today and taught us all about how Hummus is made!  We got  a virtual tour of their factory and learned all that goes into starting a food company!  They we got to taste some yummy hummus AND get some really cool glasses!


We learned about Hanukkah today!  We made latkes (yum!), read some stories, and learned the Dreidl song!