Monday, April 24, 2017

Service Learning reflection and celebration!

We had a great day of reflection and celebration to talk about our service learning campaign and what we thought about it!  The kids were very insightful in their thoughts!  We also had some amazing companies donate reusable items to our class to challenge the kids to have a trash free lunch!  Thank you Snack Taxi (, Bumkins (, People Towels (, U Konserve ( and Love Bags ( for donating items to our class.  They are now ready to accept the challenge to have a trash free lunch and they even got started today!


On Friday we got to go to King Soopers and pass out free reusable bags to shoppers.  This was part of our service learning campaign that we did using a grant from Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots foundation.  We had a design contest and the winning design got printed on the bags.  The kids also write a paragraph to put on the bag to teach grown-ups what we are doing and why we need to make less trash.  This is what they said:

Hi! We’re a kindergarten class from Imagine Charter School and we know a lot about making less trash! We know that we should make less trash because if we have too much it could make our air, plants, and water bad. It could also take away homes from animals and humans.  If there is so much trash in the dump, the Earth won’t look the same anymore.  It might even start to look gray and it could stink.  Also, trash might start to spread everywhere and that kind of makes a horrible trash world. To make less trash, we can recycle or reuse things.  One thing you can reuse is this bag!  If you use it instead of a plastic bag, our world will be happy and healthy.  And we will be happy too!  Thank you and we love you and thank you for keeping our world safe!

Love, Ms. Baker’s world changers

Handing out the bags was such a great experience!  Kids got to make a difference in the world as well as learn how to make good eye contact, speak clearly, and be ok with rejection.  I was SO proud of them!

"My favorite part was when my dad asked people if they would like a free reusable bag then I would hand them out.  I also talked to my family about recycling and now we are going to get a bin for it!"

MF-  "I was scared the first time then my butterflies went away and I was really happy because I handed them all out!"
EF- "At the first part I was scared and then after Ms. Baker helped me I got the butterflies all out and I got happy! It was nice of Ms. Baker to help me out."
SD -"I was kind of nervous but I still got through all of my bags and I liked it. I liked it better when people said yes but I still liked it even though people said no."
KE- "I was happy doing it because I was with my friends.  We were doing good things for the world!"

"I was a little scared the first two times then I was not anymore.  The first one I was so scared to hand out one of my bags so my sister who was supervising me said, “It’s time to let go of your first bag.” I was scared but them one person just stopped right in front of me and gave me a pack of my favorite bubblegum and I gave her a bag."

 "The first bags that I gave away went good.  I liked to do those but they I thought I had too many.  6 is a lot. The last bag I gave away was even to a fireman!"

A super nice person took a bag and gave us money to get hot chocolate since it turned out to be a cold day!

Veggie Day!

We sure were busy on Friday!  We also had a veggie party to be able to share our favorite veggie with the class as well as try out new veggies!  We also all got to eat a "Russell Sprout" and call up Russell to tell him that "We're eating Russell Sprouts, We're eating Russell Sprouts!!" 

After eating a Russell Sprout, we wrote about it!  14 kids liked or loved them and 8 did not care for them!

Dad day!

We had an amazing time with dads in our class on Friday!  They got to go to recess with us, we got to interview them, and they taught us how to shave!  Thank you dads (and grandpas) for being such good sports!

"Create Day"

We are doing an ABC countdown to the end of the year and Thursday was our C day!  Since we are learning about making less trash, we had a "Create day" for C where the kids got to bring in trash and recyclables and turn them into something else!  What imaginations these kids have!