Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spirit week- moustache day!

It's the week before Spring Break which means spirit week!  Today we got to wear moustaches, crazy socks, and boots!  The kids had fun drawing moustaches on one another or making one out of paper and a straw (so clever!!)  We all acted very fancy with our moustaches!

Recess fun!

The highlight of our recess today was getting to see a dump truck come and dump dirt in the backyard of a house by our playground!  The kids all cheered through the whole process and the driver even gave them a little honk!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Spring!

We had a GREAT spring party today!  The kids had so much fun hunting for eggs, playing with the Easter bunny, taking pictures in our photo booth, making a bunny frame, playing balloon and egg games, and eating yummy foods!  Thank you to everyone for making this day so much fun!
Before hunting for eggs!

Finding some good stuff!

Playing in the snow was another highlight of the day!

The Easter bunny came to visit us!

The kids had so much fun opening all of their eggs!

The bunny rabbit picture frame was a big hit

What a fun group!

Yummy food!

Friday, March 18, 2016

St. Patrick's Day!

We had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!  It started with a naughty leprechaun messing up our classroom!

But our traps captured some of the leprechauns things!

One of the things he left behind was green moustaches!

So we made leprechaun finding binoculars and went on a hunt to find him!

We didn't find him but we did find his pot of treasure!

And the kids were so excited about it that they plotted ways to catch him all afternoon.  One kid even reused this box from our recycling bin as a trick!  I thought it was so cute!

Trapping a Leprechaun

In anticipation of St. Patrick's Day, we built leprechaun traps to see if we could capture a leprechaun and have him lead up to his pot of gold!  The kids made some amazing traps!

The Statue of Liberty

We learned about the Statue of Liberty this week and even had Lady Liberty teach our class one day! The kids loved learning about her and even spent some indoor recess time trying to be just like her!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Thank you People Towels

People Towels (http://www.peopletowels.com/) generously donated towels to our class to help us make less trash!  They can be used in our lunch boxes, at the dinner table, or instead of a paper town in the classroom after we wash our hands.  Each kid got a towel and we even had a couple extras to put by our sink!  We are so excited to make less trash!
Colten says, " These look really cool. My napkins are usually paper but now I can use these instead of wasting towels that just get thrown away!"

Cooper says, “Thank you for sending these!  If you use these they will really work!  And you don’t have to throw it away to make more trash…you can just wash it with water!”

Kailey says, “These are great!  Thank you!”

Toron says, “Thank you for the napkins.  They are so good and we don’t have to throw them away because they aren’t paper.”

Luke says, “Thank you for these because now at dinner I don’t have to use a paper napkin…I can use a reusable one!”

Logan says, “I am going to explode with happiness!”

Cooking Club- Dirt Cake

Mrs. Julia and Mrs. Bonnie came today and taught us how to make dirt that we could eat!  It was so delicious and fun!  We even had worms in our dirt!!

The Queen

We got to be "Sir" and "Lady" and "Prince" and "Princess" this week when we had a visit from the "Queen".  We made crowns and got to write about what we would do if we were king or queen.  Most kids said they would "be nice", "share", or "rule the kingdom".  One kids said that they would "have wonderful babies!"  What a sweet class!  Sadly, the queen's phone had some issues and lost everything so this is the only picture we have from a wonderful day in the kingdom!