Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter Party

What a fun day!  We had a party filled with craft, games, food, and lots of smiles!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Traditions- St. Nick

Many European countries celebrate St. Nicolas day! On December 5, kids leave their shoes out and St. Nick fills them with treats.  Since St. Nick was busy in Scandinavia on Dec. 5, we tried to have him come to our class today!  We got to take our shoes off for rest time and leave them "by the fire".  When we woke up, we had a treat!

Christmas Traditions- The Christmas Pickle!

Originally I thought the tradition of hiding a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree was a German one.  But upon further investigation, it seems as though it is an American creation that we just say is German!  Nonetheless, we had fun looking for the pickle!  The one who found it got a special prize and we all drank hot chocolate to celebrate (and because it was -2 degrees outside!)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Our discussion question this week!

Do Mermaids use Lungs or Gills to Breathe?
Malloreigh- Mermaids use lungs to breathe and I know because I talked to one at Disney World!
Ashlynne- Mermaids use lungs because I saw one with a fancy tail at the aquarium and she used her nose to breathe.
Layla- Mermaids use lungs because I have been talking about it and I figured it out…mermaids go up to breathe and if you are a fish with gills you don’t go up.
Jocelyn- Mermaids use gills because they stay under water for a long time.
Lily- Mermaids use gills because I have seen them in a movie and they are underwater for a really long time.
Olivia- Mermaids breathe underwater so they use gills.
Gavin- Mermaids use lungs because they go on rocks to get their air.
Kallen- Mermaids use both because they can breathe above water and in the ocean.
Kyren- Mermaids use lungs because they sometimes sit on a rock.
Porter- Mermaids use lungs because they have a nose and they go up out of the water.  But really they are just fairy tales. I have seen mermaids in real life but they have a fake tail.
Elliot- Mermaids use lungs because they come up on a rock.
Cohen- Mermaids use gills because water gets into their mouth and just comes out of their tail.
Colton- Mermaids use lungs because they get up on a rock and that is how they get the breathing in and they go back underwater then come back up to breathe it out.  That is how they get their air.
Kendrah- Mermaids use both because they go up and down.
Makenzie- Mermaids use both because I went to Disney Land and I asked a mermaid and she said both.
Meara- Mermaids use both because I know they have gills because if they didn’t have gills they could not live underwater and they can live underwater and they have lungs because they are half human.
Sydney- Mermaids use lungs because they sometimes go up and they have the lungs in their chest.
Ehmmah- Mermaids use both because sometimes mermaids go up and get new outfits on and go to a tower to sleep and stuff and sometimes they go back into the water.
Nolan- Mermaids use gills because at night when they are sitting on a rock and they hear something coming for them they go in the water to breathe. They hide from sharks behind rocks and their castles are really caves.

Austin- Mermaids use both because mermaids are kind of like fish but mermaids are also half human so I think they go up to the water to get a little bit of air but when they hear something they go under and are safe with the fish.

Cooking Club- Chocolate Lava cake

Today we got to make crockpot chocolate lava cake with Ms. Jen!  The kids had so much fun stirring the batter and adding the oil, milk, and chocolate chips!  Of course the best part was the eating..with whipped cream!

Our superstar cleaner!

'Tis the Season!

Holiday festivities started this week in kindergarten with the kiddos making their countdown to Christmas bells.  It was a great task to work on patterns, motor skills, and perseverance!  Each day the kiddos get to tear a link off to see how many days are left until Christmas!