Friday, November 17, 2017

Family Feast

We had an awesome feast with our families today!  Thank you to everyone who made our class Thanksgiving so memorable!

Making Butter!

We did a pilgrim chore this weekend....making butter!We had to shake our cream for a LONG time!  Some of us ended up with whipped cream and some went all the way to butter!  We also got to eat it on crackers!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Native Americans

This week we have been learning about the first Americans and how they lived.  We learned that the Native Americans in Colorado used buffalo for almost everything including their food, clothes, teepees, weapons, and art!

Cooking Club

We have had 3 cooking clubs now and I apologize for not posting pictures from them!   I have pictures from today though!  Mrs. Evan came and taught us how to make pumpkin parfaits using canned pumpkin, cream cheese, whipped cream, graham crackers, praline pecans, ginger snaps, and some pumpkin pie spices!  It was a real treat!

Dr. Katie's visit

This week we learned about brushing our teeth from Dr. Katie! We got to practice brushing the teeth of a dragon using circular motions.  Then we got to practice on Easter eggs that were covered in sugar!  We learned that it's really hard to get sugar off of teeth!  We also got to look in Dr. Katie's doctor bag!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mad Scientist Halloween Extravaganza!

To celebrate Halloween, we had a Mad Scientist Party!  We did lots of different experiments in our lab coats and with our badges!  We also got to wear our costumes!