Wednesday, May 21, 2014

End of the year "WE ROCKED KINDERGARTEN" Dance party!

We had a great dance party today complete with sunglasses, disco ball necklaces, and blow up guitars!  Thank you to Travis Mathews for the music and the strobe lights and Becky Aragon for the food!!

Kindergarten Science days

To learn about the scientific method, we did a lot of science experiments!  We started with a question, formed a hypothesis, did an experiment, looked at the results and came to a conclusion!  We exploded Diet Coke with Mentos, made static electricity with balloons, made pennies shiny with vinegar and salt and made a substance that was both a solid and liquid with corn starch and water!

A visit from the Queen

The Queen of England visited us today to teach us about kings and queens!  We had knights and ladies in the class as well as ladies-in-waiting to help the queen.  At the end of the day we had tea time with biscuits, cake, and tea!

The kids loved trying to figure out if it was really me who was the queen or not!? One child said, "Um, your majesty, our country is ruled by a President!"  Another exclaimed (when we looked at pictures of the kids), "How did you get so young!"

We also got to write about what we would do if we were king or queen!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kindergarten Superstars

On Saturday we had an amazing time singing the National Anthem at a Colorado Ice indoor football game.  The kids were AMAZING!  They were all a little nervous before they sang but afterwards they thought it was so cool.  One kid exclaimed, "Wow!  I have never done anything like that before!"  After singing we got to enjoy the game (The Ice won!)  We also got to dance on the field at halftime!  What an amazing group of superstars we have in our class!
We read a story while we waited and the visiting team came to tell us hi!

The kids did SO GOOD singing!

Hi Fives for everone afterwards!

The cheerleaders came to congratulate the kids afterwards.  The girls LOVED it.  The boys were not impressed!

The mascots came to congratulate the kids too!

We got to enjoy the game after singing!

Dancing on the field at halftime!

Friday, May 9, 2014

What a special week!

Thank you everyone for making me feel so special this week for teacher appreciation week!  The week ended with a BIG surprise!  The DJ's from Scott and Sadie in the morning on Big Country 97.9 came to the class to present me with an award and a check.  I also got 60 cinnamon rolls courtesy of Johnson's Corner.  We got to eat some in class...SO GOOD!  The kids got a big laugh out of me standing with Scott and Sadie in the picture as they said I look SO SHORT!

Super Writers

Meet this weeks super writers!  We had a piece about a turtle, an animal at the barn, a striped cat, and a bunny!

SAT 10

The kids did a great job on their standardized tests this week.  As a treat one day, we got to be paleontologists and find dinosaurs in giant ice chunks!