Friday, January 25, 2019

Paper Airplane Contest

Today we tested our courage and perseverance with a paper airplane contest!  We learned how to fold our planes and also how to stick with it and keep trying even if it was hard.  We also learned how we may not get things right the first time but that's ok...we still keep trying!

Wright Brothers

We are learning about the Wright Brothers this week and the first flight!  And, thanks to my wonderful Southwest Airlines flight attendant, we had lots of airplane goodies to help us learn about airplanes now vs the Wright Brothers first airplane!

Mark Ingram

We let ourselves have one sad day about that heartbreaking SAINTS loss in the NFC Championship.  Now it's onwards and upwards for this kindergarten class!  We are focusing our energy now on trying to get Mark Ingram to come visit us!  So, if anyone knows him, let him know he's invited to our "Totally epic SAINTS should have been in the SuperBowl" party!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Oh when the SAINTS...

...Go Marching in!
When some kiddos ask if they can have a SAINTS dance party for their Friday free choice activity, of course the answer is yes!!

Positive Impact!

We had some great discussions this week on how having a dream is great but it's even better if you can take that dream and make a positive impact on the world!  We learned that even though we are small, we already are doing things that make a difference! (Sorry that kids appear in multiple videos...I am a long way out from learning how to stitch videos together I guess!!!)

I Have A Dream!

We have some future world changers and world leaders right here!  We learned about Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream this week and created some dreams of our own!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Cooking Club!

We had another cooking club today where we got to make red, white, and blue kabobs since we are learning about the 4th of July!  So fun and yummy!

The Playoffs!

Sometimes it's important to take a little break and learn some life skills or cultural events!  We did that this week when we learned about the NFL playoffs!  We have our bracket up, have made our Superbowl predictions, and have sent Mark Ingram some playoff encouragement!  Go SAINTS!

Happy 2019!

We came back to school after a long winter break in style!  We celebrated 2019 with fun glasses, confetti, and by writing our resolutions!  2019 is sure to be a great year!