Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Jackson's Honest

We got to try another healthy snack today!  Thank you so much, Jackson's Honest for the coconut oil chips!  We loved them! https://jacksonshonest.com/

Jackson's Honest has all different flavors of potato chips (the sea salt and vinegar are my faves!) as well as corn chips.  I am also really excited that they will have a line of puffs soon!  And everything is cooked in healthy coconut oil!

Here is what the kids had to say:
Corbyn- Thank you for the chips.  They are so good!  I love you!  I hope you make them again.  Bye, Bye!
Liam- I love them!
Macie- They are so good!
Reese- I love them so much!  I also like them so much.  They are my favorite chips.
Collin- These chips are so good.  I want to make them at home!
Jonah- Please can you make some more of these.  They are so good!
Trista- I hope you make lots and lots of these chips.  They are so delicious!

Blake- I would actually like to have these forever.  They are so yummy.  I love my mommy and my mommy would love these as much as me.  I love you!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Jane Goodall

We got to learn about one of my favorites this week...Jane Goodall!  We learned that she was brave and went to Africa to be a scientist when girls weren't allowed to do things like that.  She was also very patient and smart and waited and waited for the chimpanzees that she was studying to feel comfortable with her.  She taught us so much about chimps!  We got to be chimpanzees this week!  We also write about Jane Goodall and made "termites on a stick" for cooking club to pretend we were using tools like the chimpanzees do!

Brilliant Breakfasts

Dr. Katie was in again this week to teach us about the importance of breakfast!  We learned that eating a healthy breakfast (without sugar...yikes!) helps us to learn more and grow stronger.  We made parfaits with sugar free yogurt, fruit, and sugar free granola!  The kids loved it!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. this week and his message of peace and love and his famous words: "I have a dream".  Today the kiddos wanted to write him a letter!  It turned out really sweet!