Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Magnetic Goo!

We made magnetic goo!  The kiddos had so much fun taking turns to pour in the ingredients for goo then we added iron flakes and voila....magnetic goo!  It was so cool to watch it "eat up" the magnets!


It's magnet week!  One of my favorite things to teach (oh, who am I kidding....I LOVE all of our Core Knowledge topics!) We've been busy experimenting with what a magnet will attract to and how to make magnets attract and repel each other!  It's a fun week of discovery!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Indoor recess

If you're wondering how our week went, I have 4 words for you: indoor recess all week!!  Yikes!  While we would have preferred to be outside, we made it fun!  Each day we voted on what we wanted to do!  One day was a movie, one day was exercises around the school, and most of the time we chose to do fun activities in the class!  We made the best of it!

Fiber Kabobs

Dr. Katie came this week and taught us all about digestion!  We got to make fiber kabobs (or food stick as one kiddo called it) to get our digestion working well!
We discovered how long our intestines are!

Even Mark Ingram liked this lesson!

Dr. Katie gave everyone a book!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Math Olympics

I have been inspired by the winter Olympics so we had our very own Olympics today...a math Olympics!  The kids did awesome on their adding! And they had great sportsmanship!

The participants are signing in!

The first pair of round 1!

Good sports!

The first pair of round 2!
It's good to congratulate the winner!

Getting ready for the medal ceremony!

Our bronze medal winner!

Our silver medal winner!

Our gold medal winner!


Valentine's Day Tea Party

We got to practice our manners for Valentine's Day with a tea party!  We also learned how to set the table!  It was such a fun day!