Friday, April 25, 2014

Bring your favorite vegetable to school party

As part of our party, everyone had to eat a "Russell Sprout"- my favorite veggie- and then we got to call my brother Russell and tell him we were eating Russell Sprouts!

There were mixed reactions on the taste.  Some LOVED them and some DID NOT LIKE them!!

We had a lot of green veggies!!

I brought a couple of GIANT Brussels sprouts to show the kids what they look like.  A couple of kids ended up eating them because they liked them so much!

Lots of yummy roots, flowers, stems, leaves, seeds, and fruits of the plant (but we call them veggies)!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Party

We had some rabbits in our class!

Lots of yummy treats!

A frog craft!

Yellow donuts!

Having a fun time before the egg hunt!

A great egg hunt!

Super Writers!

We had a writing contest and these two each wrote 15 sentences!  One child wrote a fiction piece about a gingerbread man and the other wrote non-fiction piece about plants! WOW kindergarten!

Kindergarten crazy hat day!