Friday, September 30, 2016


I apologize that I got things a bit out of order!  Before our grand return home, we got to go to Europe! We had a blast drawing the Eiffel Tower and eating baguettes in France, searching for Nessie in Scotland, and eating Greek Salad in Greece!

Welcome Home to us!

We came back home to North America today!  Did everyone miss us?!  We were greeted by a fun sign and Mr. Shawn came and visited us to see how our trip was!  We also wrote about and graphed our favorite continents today.  I guess there isn't a continent that can compete with lots of penguins and a snow ball fight!


We went on a walkabout around Australia and saw all kinds of animals!  The kangaroos, dingoes, and wombats were the favorites.  And the Tasmanian Devils!  Actually I think we liked all of the animals!  We also learned about Aboriginal dot art and the Sydney Opera House!

Friday, September 23, 2016


This week we went to the South American rainforest (and saw a jaguar!) and Asia!  Apparently I didn't take any pictures in South America!  We made up for it though with lots of pictures highlighting our Asian adventures!

We took off our shoes and sat on the floor and ate with chopsticks while we were in Japan!

The kids were so good using the chopsticks (no thanks to me as I am not very good!)

When all else fails, wear chopsticks in your hair!
In the Middle East, we got henna tattoos.  
The girls covered their heads in the Middle East!  And brought their chopsticks along!

We got to make Japanese kites and fly them!

Friday, September 16, 2016


From Africa, we took a plane to Argentina, then got on a boat to head to Antarctica.  The seas were a little rough but we all made it in one piece!  We saw penguins and got to have a snowball fight!
Ready for our snowball fight!  We got bundled up in our jackets so we wouldn't freeze!

The kids turned on me!  Snowballs to Ms. Baker!

A kindergarten trip around the world! First stop: Africa!

After making our suitcases and passports, we hopped on an imaginary plane and went to Africa!  Don;t worry, we brought lots of bug spray with us!  We got to stay there for 2 days and go on a safari, hike Mount Kilimanjaro, and have a zebra teacher!  On safari, we saw all kinds of animals including a hippo (out of water!), a lion, and a cape buffalo!
Ready for the safari!

A cheetah!  We can't out run him!

When we saw a monkey, all of the kids covered their heads.  It took me a moment to realize they were doing that so the monkey wouldn't pee on their head like it did to my sister Audrey!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Making globes!

This week, thanks to help from some amazing parents, we made paper mache globes!  We did the paper mache part, then painted them blue, the colored and cut out our continents, then glued them on. One kid exclaimed, "I can't believe it takes 4 days to make a globe!" It sure was fun!

Applesauce party!

To celebrate all that we learned about Johnny Appleseed, we got to make applesauce!  We had so much fun cutting, cooking, and eating the apples!
We had an apple teacher on our apple tasting day!

Golden delicious apples got the most votes for the favorite!

To make applesauce, we cut up apples!

After cutting the apples, we added them to a crock pot!

We then got to make an apple book and do an apple sticker sheet while the apples were cooking!
The applesauce was a big hit!

A visit from Johnny Appleseed!

Welcome Families!

Hi kindergarten families!  I'm super excited about this school year with your little ones!  We have a lot of fun learning all kinds of things!  I will post pictures, videos, and stories on here so you can see all of the great things we do in class!

~Kristen Baker