Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A dentist visit!

We had a wonderful local orthodontist, Dr. Stephanie Ross, come talk to our class today!  We learned all of the ways to brush our teeth and how to floss as well!  We also learned a great song!
We have to brush the tops of our teeth!

We have to brush the fronts of our teeth.

We have to brush the insides of our teeth.

We have to brush the space between our teeth and gums.

We floss "up and down, up and down, up and down".  Here we are demonstrating flossing teeth that have lots of space between them.

Here we are demonstrating flossing teeth that are close together. 

Here we are demonstrating flossing teeth that cross on top of each other.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Handing out Reusable Bags!

"It was so fun!  I gave my bag to 2 policemen!" -E.P.
"I got to give a bag to my grandma.  She really liked it and used it at the store.  I blocked people so they couldn't get past me and they had to listen to what I had to say!" -C.L.
"I had 2 partners. I liked to run past them to get to the people first. It was so fun to hand out bags!" -R.C.

"I was nervous at first but it got better when people said yes!" -L.R.
"At first I was really nervous but once 5 people said yes it started getting better. It made me laugh when people said no because they had too many bags because they weren't even using them." -A.H.
"The first time I did it I was a little scared. I kept doing it and that made me not scared.  I really liked giving the bags away!"- J.D.

"One guy said no before I even asked anything.  That was weird." -R.H.

"If you are shy you can just stand next to a partner...that helps!" -K.H.

"I thought to myself...don't be shy!  Just smile! It made me feel really happy when people said yes" -M.R. 

"I was kind of nervous at first then I wasn't shy anymore.  Not many people said yes though and that made me sad. I liked when people said yes and asked questions because then I got to know them!' -C.W.
"Thanks for making me a world changer Ms. Baker!" -B.N.

These kids are my new heroes!  They did such an amazing job with our service learning project.  From creating a survey to graphing the results to learning how and why we need to make less trash to designing bags to finally being able to hand out free bags...THEY ARE AWESOME!  I was so proud of how clearly they spoke, how brave they were, how well they handled rejection, how they didn't let anyone take them away from their world changing mission, how polite they were, and how big their smiles were the whole time!  WAY TO GO!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

D for Dad!

We celebrated our D day by inviting dads and grandpas to come to our class.  We even had one great-grandpa!  We got to give them a tour of our class, interview them, and learn how to shave from them.  We ended with showing them our playground for recess!

ABC Countdown- C day

For the last 26 days of school, we are having an ABC countdown starting with 'A' day and ending with 'Z' day!  For 'C" day we had "Creation Day" where the kids got to bring in their recyclables to make something new out of them!  This class is so creative!!  Here is what we made:
A milk jug shaker!

Buckingham Palace!

A crocodile!

A trap!

A tea cup and fish aquarium!

A butterfly cup!

 A snowman!

A house!
A pencil box!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Thank you Elevations Credit Union!

We had visitors from Elevations Credit Union come today to teach us about money.  We learned words like "denomination" and "counterfeit"!  We also learned about needs vs. wants and how to be wise with our money and spend, save, and share!  We did a marshmallow activity to test our will power.  All kids got a marshmallow at the beginning of the talk.  If they did not eat it by the end of the talk, they would get another marshmallow.  If they ate any of it early though they would not get another.  Everyone but 4 kids got another marshmallow!  This is what we looked like trying to refrain from eating them!!

Thank you, Bumkins!

To help us make less trash, Bumkins donated reusable bags for us to use for lunches, snacks, books, pool clothes, etc.  They have pictures from Dr. Seuss' book Horton Hears a Who on them too which is so cool!

"This bag is awesome!  It is so cool looking!  I like it when I got to the store for a new jacket and I can put my jacket in there instead of throwing away a bag."

"Thank you for giving me this bag.  I love that it has Horton Hears a Who on it!"

"I use my bag to hold stuff in.  I put stuff in it like my snack then I don't have to have any wrappers to throw away."

"I use this bag instead of using a plastic bag so it will make less trash."