Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gum Game Day

The kids have been SO excited about this day!  We got to chew gum while playing games!  How fun!

Puddles are for Jumping!

We didn't care about wet feet on our rainy Tuesday this week!  We had a blast in the puddles!

Dad Day!

What a great time we had this week with our dads!  We got to go to recess with them, interview them, learn how to shave with them, and read with them!  Thanks for coming, dads!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Veggie Party

We have been learning about plants for a couple of weeks now!  This week we specifically learned about what part of the plant we eat with different veggies.  Today we had a "Bring your favorite vegetable to school party!"  It sure was fun and kids tried some cool new things!

Russell Sprouts!

Growing up, my sister and I always called Brussels Sprouts "Russell Sprouts" because we have a brother named Russell.  We didn't think we were being mean but he sure did.  To this day, he will NOT eat Russell Sprouts and says he is scarred!  Sorry Russell!  He is happy that this gets kids really fired up and excited to try one because it means we get to facetime him and let him know that we are eating "Russell Sprouts!"  Even though he doesn't like THAT veggie, he is all for helping kids eat healthy!
Before we tried one!

And after!  All day the kids have been talking about how much they love them.  This pictures says differently!

Earth Day!

To prepare for Earth day, we got to talk about making less trash.  We got to bring things in that might ordinarily be thrown away and instead turn them into something else!  Creativity was flowing today!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

60 Minutes of Play!

Dr. Katie was in today teaching us about our cardiovascular system!  We got to feel our pulse when we were resting AND after doing activity!  What a big difference!  She taught us that we need to do 60 minutes of activity a day that gets our pulse up!  That was a good reminder for me too!  We got to go outside and do different activity stations!  Since it was her last day with us, she gave everyone a water bottle and some stickers to decorate it with!  Thank you, Dr. Katie!