Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making Butter

We read a story called Pilgrim Children had Many Chores and learned just how many thinks the Pilgrims had to do each day.  One thing they had to do was make butter so we made some in our class!  At first we had lots of fun with it...then we learned how hard it was and wished that we could just go to the grocery store!  Now thought we have homemade butter to share with our families for Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The National Anthem

Happy Veterans Day!

Cooking Club

We made turkey sandwiches today.  But we didn't use turkey!  We used bagels, veggies, hummus or cream cheese, and other ingredients to make a sandwich that looked like a turkey!  It was so fun and yummy (and our class guinea pigs really enjoyed getting the leftover veggies!)

Native Americans

We learned about Native Americans this week.  We focused on the Native Americans who were living on our continent before people began to come over from Europe.  Next week we will learn about how they helped the Pilgrims.  We also got to come up with Native American names!  We have some funny ones like, "Kung Fu Panda", "Loves to be the special helper", "Picks up a mountain", and "Good at RIGGS"!  We also learned how they got food, clothes, and shelter!

3rd grade buddies

We have 3rd grade buddies now!  Each kindergartner was paired up with a 3rd grader.  Each month we will get to do a different activity with them.  This month we partnered read like we are doing in our class and our buddies do in their class for the Daily Five.  The buddies taught us about "check for understanding" which was really fun!

Our class voted

After talking to parents and reading about the candidates, our class voted on Monday (the day before the grown-ups got to vote!) 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Party

What a great looking class! I loved all of the costumes!
The noise makers made a silly sound!

One of our students made witch treats to share!

The mad scientist party was AWESOME!  We made boo bubbles, lava lamps, and spooky sound makers!

The boo bubbles were a favorite!

The lava lamps were awesome....but no drinking!

What a scary group of scientists!

And somehow we turned into Vampires at the end of the day!

Healthy foods

We learned about our bodies and healthy foods these past couple of weeks.  We had some companies send us healthy snacks to try.  Brad's Raw Foods ( sent us kale chips and sun dried tomato crackers.  The kids LOVED the kale chips and even ask for them over other treats these days!  I was eating kale for lunch today and the kids saw it and all about attacked me trying to get it!  Go Raw ( sent us super cookies and granola bars that are sweetened with dates.  We tried all of the flavors and loved them all!

Field Trip

I am sad to admit that I forgot my camera on our first field trip (I blame the strep throat!)  Thanks to some wonderful volunteers who went on the trip with us, here are a few pictures from Miller Farms!

This was the first bus ride for most of us!

We got to go on a hay ride and pick veggies in the fields!

After veggie picking, we got to play!  The bouncy blob was a big hit.

Picking the potatoes was really fun because there were tons of them!

Our class picture in the giant chair!