Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Learning about money!

We had Mrs. Michelle and Mr. Tom from Elevations Credit Union come to our class today and teach us about money!  It was so much fun to have visitors and learn new things!
Mrs. Michelle read us a Bearnstein Bears book about money!

We discussed needs vs. wants!

We talked about ways to earn money and ways to save money!

We learned who is on each different bill!

We got to look at a $2 bill with Thomas Jefferson on it!

We learned about self control/will power with this marshmallow activity.  Everyone got a marshmallow but they couldn't touch it or eat it for 15 minutes.  They knew if they accomplished that, then they would get an extra bigger marshmallow.  It was so hard but everyone succeeded!  We learned about a study that said that kids who can have will power in this instance grow up to handle money well!

Thank you Elevations Credit Union for coming to our class and for gifting us with these great pencils!

Valentine's Day Tea Party

Wow!  What a perfectly lovely day!  We all got gussied up and had a tea party!  The kids used great manners and even learned how to set the table!  We also got to pass out Valentines to the whole class and do a fun craft!

Of course getting to play in our boxes was the best!
Handing out Valentines in our newly decorated boxes!

Fancy girls!

Our craft with Mrs. Wheaton was so fun!

We learned how to set the table during our tea party!
Our manners for the day!

Valentine's Day boxes

We had such a great time decorating our boxes to have them be just right for Valentine's Day!  We're so excited to be able to put our Valentines in them tomorrow!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cooking Club and a visit from the Queen!

We had a wonderful cooking club today with Mrs. Wheaton.  We made a necklace with 100 fruit loops on it.  The kids names it a "Snacklace"!!

We also had the Queen come teach our class today to talk about manners so we can prepare for our tea party!  The kids had a blast trying to figure out if it was the "real queen" or "just Mrs. Baker". I loved hearing all of their learning come out though as they explained to me that I am not their ruler anymore.  And they asked if I was alive during "the war" and if I liked George Washington or if I was mad at him!  They also told me they signed the Declaration of Independence really big like John Hancock and they hoped I wasn't mad!  We did have to tone things down a bit when I had a kid ask me to chop another kids head off because she didn't like what he was doing!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

100th day of School!

I can't believe that we've been in school for 100 days!  WOW!  And the kids are definitely 100 days smarter! We had a fun time celebrating with balloons and stickers and some fun centers!  We put together a 100's chart, wrote about what we could eat 100 of, made a necklace with 100 beads, and made a trail mix snack with 100 items!  We also dressed like we were 100 years old!

Declaration of Independence

To learn about Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence, we got to use quills (thanks Dad!) and sign our own Declarations!  We then colored them yellow and crumpled them up to make them look old!