Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vegetable Eating Winners

Our first, second and third (they tied) place winners for eating the most vegetables in a month!

Our first, second, and third place winners for trying the most new vegetables in a month!


We learned how to groom and feed a horse today.  We also learned about the different between and pony and a foal as well as different parts of a horse!

Encore Award

Thank you parents for the Encore Award nomination through the school district!  I had a lovely evening at the banquet and am honored to have received the award!

Mac and Cheese Party with Mate

My best friend, Mate, told the kids that if they made their AimsWeb data goals that we set at the beginning of the year, then she would fly out to visit them and we would have a Mac and Cheese party.  Well the kids not only met the goals, they went above them!
I told Mate that the kids might be shy at first.  Boy was I wrong!

Mate made colored macaroni and we got to spell our names with it!

Mate wrote and illustrated a book on the history of mac and cheese for the kids.  Thomas Jefferson was the first person to serve it in the U.S.!

We did a cheese tasting and made a graph of our favorite!

We made 3 kinds of mac and cheese.  The broccoli mac and cheese was the kid favorite and the gouda mac and cheese was the grown-up favorite!

The chefs (and Mrs. Jynette who is not pictured)

We also got to make macaroni SAINTS signs!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jane Goodall and STEMosphere

Thanks to a wonderful grant from the Morgridge Family Foundation and the logistics of the Jane Goodall Institute, our class was able to go together on a Saturday field trip to Denver.  We got to see Jane Goodall speak (and teach us how to panhoot) as well as attend STEMosphere where the kids were able to participate in interactive science exhibits! It was AMAZING!  The night before I was also invited to have dinner with Dr. Jane which is now in my top 5 favorite days of all time!!

We ROCKED SAT 10 dance party!

To celebrate finishing SAT 10 and doing a great job on it, Mrs. Jynette threw us a "We ROCKED SAT 10 dance party!"  We had glasses, disco ball necklaces, blow up guitars, and a photo booth!  We even got to dance on chairs!  The kids (and I) had a BLAST!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Balloon rocket races

Our sepcil SAT 10 activity on Thursday was balloon rocket races.  Once the kids figured out how to blow up balloons they had a BLAST racing them!

Whoopee Cushions

To celebrate successful SAT 10 testing days, we have been having treats and activities.  On Tuesday we had whoopee cushions and the kids LOVED them!!!  What a fun day!