Monday, October 30, 2017

"Go Go Squeez"

We had our final healthy snack to sample today and it was a hit!  Go Go Squeez ( sent us applesauce and strawberry yogurt to try and they were delicious and good for our bodies!  Here is what the kids had to say:

“This is fantastic!” –Macie
“This is so good in my tummy!” –Journey
“I wish I could have more and more and more! I would eat all of them!” –Trista
“I love both so so much!  I love them!” –Olive
“This is really good!” –Dylan
“Can you please send us some more!  I just love these!” -Isaac

Thank you, Go Go Squeez for being a part of our healthy eating unit!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hope Hummus

Today we got to sample of of my favorite things ever...hummus!  Hummus is Yummus I like to say!! Hope hummus ( donated some of their original hummus (the "yellow kind") and their spicy avocado hummus (the "green kind")!  We got to use some Quinn pretzels and sample each kind then choose if what we wanted!  I was so happy that most kids wanted to eat both of them!  Yum!  And...Quinn sea salt pretzels + Hope hummus = AMAZING! Here is what some of the kids had to say about the hummus:
“I like it and I wish I could have more!” –Aubrey
“I like both so much and I want to eat all of them!” –Trista
“I like that yellow hummus!” –Jayson
“It was pretty much great!” –Olive
“I like the hummus even though it is a little bit spicy!” –Zoe
“Thank you for the hummus!  It is delicious!” –Collin
“It was the best! I cannot stop eating it.  Like literally!” –Macie
“It was really really good!  Especially the yellow one!” -Sloan

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Upstart Kombucha

Wow! When I asked the best kombucha company ever, Upstart, to sponsor our healthy eating unit, I wasn't entirely sure how the kids would take to kombucha.  But...they LOVED it!  We had so much fun trying 2 different green and rose....and we even tried mixing them!  I love these kids and their willingness to try new things!  Here is what some of them had to say about kombucha:

“That was fantastic!” –Delaney
“I like that because it is so good!” –Aubrey
“I LOVE IT!” –Jayson
“That was so good.  Both of the kinds were delicious and when they were mixed they were so good too!” –Collin
“It is so yummy that I want to drink all of it!” –Trista
“All of it is super yummy because it is super good and I love it so much!” –Reese
“I love that drink so much!” -Isaac

Thank you Upstart Kombucha ( for sponsoring our healthy eating unit!

Greens Plus

Today we tried some dark chocolate, chia, and peanut bars from Greens Plus!  The kids absolutely loved them and it started a great conversation on healthy chocolate vs. unhealthy chocolate! Here are some things the kids said about the bars:

“This is yummy because it is good!” –Aubrey
“I want to eat these all day!” –Isaac
“Eating this bar makes this the best day in my life because of the chocolate!” –Journey
“These are the yummiest ever!” –Blake
“This is really really good and chocolatey and I want to eat all of them!” -Trista

“I am glad it has the good for you chocolate in them and not the bad for you chocolate!” –Jonah

Thank you Greens Plus ( for the healthy and tasty treat!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Quinn Snacks

We also tried some honey pretzels today made by a local company called Quinn Snacks!  They were delicious and we got to look up where the ingredients came from like the honey from a bee farm in Brazil and the Sorghum from a farm in Kansas!  The kids loved the crunch and sweet and saltiness of the pretzels!  Here is what they had to say!

“This is the best snack of my whole life.” –Reese
“This is the best day of my life because that snack was good and it helps me get healthy!” –Macie
“This is so so good and healthy for me!” –Journey
“This was so much good!” –Jonah
“This is yummy and I want to eat more and go to a party!” –Olive 

Thank you Quinn Snacks ( for being a part of our healthy eating unit!

Nugo Bars

Today we tried a great healthy candy alternative...Nugo Bars!  Made with real ingredients, these bars are TASTY!  Here is what the kids had to say about them!
“This is yummy and so good!” –Trista
“I love this and just want to eat all of them!” –Isaac
“Can I have two?  These are delicionsness! Am I allowed to have another?” –Blake
“This is yummy!” –Aubrey

“This is the yummiest!” -Jayson

Thank you Nugo ( for being a part of our healthy eating unit!

Healthy Eating Unit

We are learning about our bodies this week and how to keep them healthy!  The kids came up with this list of things that they want to try to do everyday to be healthy:
1. Eat healthy foods
2. Drink healthy stuff like water
3. Move and exercise
4. Sleep
5. Get outside in the sun
6. Wash off germs

We are checking off each day if we accomplish these things at school!  We also had some AMAZING companies donate healthy snacks for us to try this week!  I'll post each one as we try them!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Stone Soup!

Yum!!  We all brought in some veggies that we picked and mixed them all together with some spices and broth an are making "Stone Soup!"

Field Trip!

We got to go on a "for real" kindergarten field trip!  The kids loved our imaginary trip around the world but they really really loved to be able to leave the school for real!  We hopped on a bus and went to Miller Farms where we got to go on a hay ride, pick veggies, and play on a playground!  The weather was beautiful and we all had a lot of fun! (Oh ya....we also got really hungry on the farm which made veggie munching extra awesome!)