Friday, November 30, 2018


We had some fishy fun this week learning about the oceans and the creatures that live in the ocean!


I had the amazing opportunity to go to Cambodia over Thanksgiving break to build a security fence around an orphanage.  It was so amazing how the kids, no matter how small, came right along beside us and did all of the hard work with us!
Some highlight were:
Giving the kiddos their goody bags from our class!

Working hard...and having the kids correct me when I did it wrong!

Making new friends!

Painting a SAINTS gate!

Eating homemade banana chips!

Riding to and from work in the back of this truck!

The teamwork that happened to build the fence!

Cleaning off in the lake one night!

Feeling strong!

Once an ice cream truck (that was actually an ice cream motorcycle) came and was playing really loud music from a boom box the ice cream man had duct taped to the back of his bike!  Work turned into a dance party!

Fresh coconut water each morning!

Making Butter

As we learned about the pilgrims, we discovered that pilgrim children had to do a lot of chores!  Once of those chores was to churn the butter.  We decided to give it a try ourselves and the kids learned that it was very hard to be a pilgrim!  We did mix it up a bit and had a butter churning dance party!

Family feast!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we invited all of our families to our class to eat a feast with us!  We had some things like the first Thanksgiving (there were so many people so we had to sit on the ground) and some things that were different (we used spoons and forks!)  The food was yummy and the company was outstanding!