Friday, March 8, 2019

Trash Free HOT LUNCH!!

One of our amazing moms, Ms. Katy, got us reusable trays and utensils so we could have a trash free lunch from the cafeteria!  We are adding to that some reusable napkins a student's grandma made and some leftover reusable cups from our tea party!  I wonder what it would take for the whole school to do this!!

Thank you Squigglybugs!

Our new friend, Ms. Kailyn, at Squigglybugs sent us a few Replay Recycle containers for kids to have for a trash free snack all the way from Rhode Island!  The kids were so excited (especially with her flamingo packaging!)  She has the cutest things!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Polar Society

The Polar Society is an organization dedicated to helping the polar bears!  They are such a cool organization with great products...!  They took notice of our trash free lunch campaign to help the polar animals and sent the kiddos some goodies to inspire them to continue helping our polar regions!  Thank you Polar Society!  (The kids were sad that only the teachers got T-shirts...they only come in adult sizes so I let them know that maybe they can go on and buy a shirt when they get a little older!)

Thank you Bumkins!

A super great company,, sent the kiddos reusable snack bags to help with our snack free lunch challenge!  WOW!  The kids were so excited and it has helped lots of kids get on our trash free snack challenge board!  Thank you, Bumkins!

Mardi Gras

When you're a teacher in Louisiana, you don't always get to have a big Mardi  Gras party because Louisiana kids don't go to school the final week or Mardi Gras!  While that sure does sound nice, I have been loving be able to teach my Colorado students all about a super fun down south tradition!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Dr. Seuss

We had a wonderful day celebrating the amazing Dr. Seuss!  We decked ourselves out in our homemade Cat in the Hat items and made some yummy Dr. Seuss inspired treats!

Magnet fun!

We got to be scientists this week and explore what magnets can do!  We had so much fun learning about how magnets attract and repel!  And we got to make magnetic slime!