Friday, April 29, 2016

Improvised insect day!

We were going to go outside today and walk around the school to see how many different kinds of insects we could find.  Because of the weather, we did our plan B.  We dug for insects in a bucket of rice!  One kiddo even screamed when he found the spider because it startled him!!

Cooking club- smoothies

We had a delicious cooking club today!  And it was nutritious!  We made fruits and veggie smoothies!  They had coconut milk, Greek yogurt, agave, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, spinach. and kale!  I think everyone's favorite was when we added 3 bananas! Thank you Mr. Thad, aka Mr. Smoothie Man, aka Mr. Best Cook in the World, for a great cooking club!


To learn about measuring, we got to measure each other!  It was fun to see how many "cues" tall each person is!  It was also hat day so a lot of the kids wore their hats to give them some "extra cubes!!"

Gum Game Day!

You just don't know how a "gum game day" will go in kindergarten!  Luckily ours was awesome!  The kids had so much fun chewing their gum and teaching others how to play their game!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Thank you, Mrs. Tina!

My stepmom, Mrs. Tina, visited us and made us gluten free mustache cupcakes.  They were made with banana and pumpkin and they were delicious!  Thank you, Mrs. Tina!

Dad Day!

Today was dad day in kindergarten and it was a blast!  Dad's got to come for recess then stay to teach us how to shave and to be interviewed!  It was an awesome day!  And to top it off, my dad got to come too!

The kids got to ask the dad's some questions!

The dads taught the kids how to shave!

Then the kids got to shave their dad!

I didn't get off of the hook...the kids practiced on me too!!

It was fun to have my dad at school today too.  He just happened to be in from Louisiana today!

I love this!  Here is Logan's reaction to dad day: “I like shaving.  Love mom and dad.  It was fun.  I love dad day.  It was the best day ever.  I love my dad.  He is awesome.  Shaving is fun.  I can’t wait for being a grown-up.  It is awesome.”

Russell Sprouts came for a visit!

Every year in my class, I have the kids try a Brussels Sprout.  To do this we talk about my brother Russell who I used to call Russell Sprouts when we were younger (sorry Russell.)  To this day he won't eat Brussels Sprouts because of it.  The kids though love the story and are always eager to try one so we can call Russell and tell him that we are eating Russell Sprouts!  Well, this class got luck because Russell Sprouts came to visit us!  And he even wore an I love Brussels Sprouts shirt!  He's such a good sport!  Kids from all different grades were so excited to get a peek of him on the playground today!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thank you, Itzy Ritzy!

It's handing out reusable bags week!  To celebrate our awesomeness, we had some more companies donate reusable items to the kids to help them be world changers!  Today we got reusable zippered snack pouches from Itzy Ritzy  The kids love them because they zip, they have really cute patterns, and they having a lining inside!  Thank you Itzy Ritzy!

Delaney says, “Your bags are so beautiful!  I just love how they have the stuff (lining) inside so nothing can soak through.  And it is so great that you can take it on the airplane.  Can I use it as my wallet? I really like that nothing will get messed up in them, even snacks.”

Jasper says, “Thank you for the bags.  I like them.  When it gets wet inside it doesn’t even soak through.  That is so cool.  I want to get one for my whole family!”

Addy says, “I would like to have these forever and ever.  They are so beautiful.  And they are so nice and dry and wet proof on the inside.  I want my whole family to have some.  Thank you for giving them to us. The colors are so beautiful.”

Colten says, “These are so pretty.  I have black and white stripes.  All of them are so pretty though!  My mom will really want this too!”

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring time in Colorado!

In the 5 days that we have been back from spring break, we have had all kinds of weather!  We went from freezing on the playground and coming in to have hot chocolate to throwing our jackets on the ground and enjoying blue skies and warm sunshine!  Hopefully we have warm days next week!

Veggie Day!

Every year we have a veggie day where the kids get to bring their favorite vegetable to school for everyone to try!  We try to move beyond the traditional carrots and cucumbers and ranch and try new veggies in new ways!  Its a fun way for kids to share something they like with the class and for everyone to try new things!  One of my favorite vegetables is Brussels Sprouts!  When I was younger, I called my little brother "Russell Sprouts" and pretty much scarred him for life.  Sorry Russell!  It has actually come in handy though because I always tell the kids about that and when I bring "Russell Sprouts" to the party, everyone is excited to try them then we get to FaceTime Russell and tell him about it!  Today's party was great and everyone got to try some new veggies....and most of the class decided they like more things than they thought they did!!

Getting ready to eat a "Russell Sprout"!

Learning how to eat an artichoke!

"Can I please have two plates Ms. Baker?  There is so much that I want to try!!"

We had a visit from a carrot!

The Russell Sprout crew!

The kiddos who "LOVED" Russell Sprouts!