Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Party

We started our day with a fun egg hunt.  We each got to find a dozen eggs!

We then made a fun bunny or chick pin to wear!

We ended our party with fun treats and then we got to look in our eggs!

Making posters for our animal expo

Our animal expo is fast approaching so we wanted to make posters to hang around the school to let everyone know about it.  The kids worked with fifth graders to make posters.  They came up with their own wording and picture ideas and made some great looking posters!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The National Anthem

Our class got invited to sing the National Anthem for the Colorado Ice indoor football team.  We had a blast and the kids were AMAZING!
We got to meet the "Icicles"- the cheerleaders for the Colorado Ice!  The girls immediately ran to them to hug them.  The boys wanted nothing to do with them!

As we were walking to the field we got to meet the other team- The Green Bay Blizzard!

The mascot, Glacier, came to meet us before we sang!

We were already on the field when they announced the players.  One player from the Ice came over to high five the kids!

The kids sang so well!  The were a little comfused because the flag was to their side and they know that they are supposed to look at the flag when they sing the National Anthem!

After we sang, we got to enjoy the game!

At half time, everyone got to go on the field to dance!


St. Patrick's Day

The kids set traps around the room to catch a leprechaun!  He messed up the traps though but he left behind gold coins!

The leprechaun also messed up our classroom!

He left a note saying we had to clean the room to find his pot of gold.

He left footprints and clues to help us find the gold.

As we were cleaning, we found notes leading us to the pot of gold!

One note said the gold was under the map of our country!

We got to pass around the pot of gold and choose a prize!

We then had fun eating leprechaun munch and making hats!

Rainbows and the Blarney Stone

To get ready for St. Patrick's day, we learned about the colors of the rainbow. We also learned about Skittles' slogan, "Taste The Rainbow".  We decided to see if it was tur or not.  The kids had to make a rainbow out of skittles and if they had all of the colors, they could write "true" on their desk.  If they did not have all of the colors, they wrote "not true".  We learned that skittles are missing blue and indigo so it is not true!

We also learned about the Blarney Stone in Ireland.  We decorated our own rocks for luck!

George Washington Carver

To learn about George Washington Carver we made a picture with a cotton crop and a peanut crop since Dr. Carver taught us that cotton sucks nutrients from the soil and peanuts put the nutrients back in.  We got to use real cotton for our picture but first we had to take the seeds out!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss' birthday party

Mrs. Jynette made us a very cute cake to eat while we watched a Dr. Seuss movie!

The first graders came over and we read Dr. Seuss stories together!

We made Cat in the Hat hats and had the Cat in the Hat visit!

We made Cat in the Hat fruit kabobs for cooking club.  The kids had to come up with their own designs!