Monday, October 28, 2013

Healthy Eating -Greens Plus Energy Bars

We started our healthy eating unit today.  We made a list of things we can do to be healthy:
1. exercise- like push-ups, running, and swimming
2. Stretching- like splits
3. Eating healthy foods- like fruits and vegetables
4. sleeping

A while back I wrote to some companies to send us some samples of healthy treats for the kids to try.  We got 5 different treats so each day this week we will try one!

Today we tried a Greens Plus Energy Bar thanks to Ali Maiorana at Greens Plus.

The kids LOVED them!  Take a look at their comments (can you tell we have been learning about exclamation points!):

“It’s delicious, I love it!”


“I don’t like it, I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!”

“I love them more than anything in the whole entire world!”

“It was delicious!”

“I really like them!  Thank you for giving them to us!”

“How are they healthy if they taste good?”

“I liked it really much!”

“Thank you for making these!!!!!”

“I love it!!!!!!!!!!”

“It almost tastes like caramel chocolate!”

“You’re the best!  The chocolate is so good!”

“I could eat the whole entire box…all of them!!”


After I told them what was in it (lots of good for you things including wheat grass, alfalfa grass and beet juice!):

“I don’t like those ingredients but they are so good when they are smooshed together!”

“Well, guys, I love you!!”

“What great ingredients!”

“Thank you for giving us some healthy bars!!!!”

“OH MY GOSH!!!  I can’t believe I am eating grass and it is so good!”


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