Friday, April 26, 2019

Meet Snowflake!

We got a package in the mail the other day and it was from my sister!  It was this cute blow up penguin to congratulate us on becoming a National Geographic class!We have named him snowflake and he does everything with us!

Friendship day!

Friendship day is THE BEST!  I put all of the kids names in a hat and they each draw a name!  They get to make a card and friendship bracelet for the secret friend they picked!  They get so excited and work so hard to make everything perfect for their secret friend! When we exchange, there is always lots of squeals and laughter!  Such a simple activity with a BIG impact!

Dad Day!

It was so fun to have all of the dads visit our class on Monday!  We got to interview them, learn how to shave with them, and go to recess with them!  It was a blast!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Nat Geo certified!!

We did it!  After months of hard work, we just learned that I passed and am now a National Geographic certified teacher!  The kids did so good and are so proud that they are a Nat Geo class!  Let's go be world changers!

A wedding or a wedding shower?!

Our wonderful Ms. Kristy is getting married in May so I thought it would be fun to throw her a surprise wedding shower!  The kids had other ideas though and planned a whole wedding!  It was amazing and totally epic and so them!!