Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A furry friend

We have a new furry friend in our class....a mouse!  We saw him run across our floor and into the sink.  So, we had a task force decide what to do.  Our decision maker decided to set a trap and tape around it so the mouse can only run into the cage.  The cage is full of bits from everyone's snack!

Learning about famous artists

To learn about Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel, we "painted" under our desks!

Our Miro masterpiece winner!

Our Picasso masterpiece winners!

Our Michelangelo masterpiece winners!

Our Matisse masterpiece winners!

Around the world with Ms. Baker's class

We climbed a banana tree and got bananas in South America!

Yummy!  We ate Greek salad in Greece!

We got to see money from India!

We went on a safari and saw lots on animals in Africa!

Zebras on safari!

We had to cover our heads for the Middle East.

We made kites for Japan!


Animals tails in Africa!

We got to travel around the world in kindergarten.  We got our passports ready, packed our suitcases and flew to all 7 continents over 30 days!  We learned a lot!

Applesauce Day

To end our week of learning about Johnny Appleseed, we had an applesauce party!
We chopped apples into little pieces then added them to a crock pot with cinnamon.  We let it cook down then blended it.  The best part was eating the yummy applesauce!

When we were done eating we got to make an apple tree in all of the seasons picture!

Johnny Appleseed teachers!

Welcome to Kindergaten 2014-2015

Hi everyone!  I apologize for taking so long to get our blog up and running!  I am excited to be able to start now though.  I will use this to post pictures and video of things that happen in our class!  I hope you enjoy.  Please feel to share the link with friends and family members to want to keep up with what your kindergartner is learning!