Thursday, September 27, 2018

We're Back!

After a 2 week imaginary trip around the world, we are back in North America!  Welcome home everyone!  And votes are in...North America is the favorite continent of the class with Antarctica coming in with a close second!

Bedtime Stories!

Our friend and class helper, Lillyanna, and her class came down to read up nap time stories!  It was so fun!


Africa was toasty and full of mosquitoes but we wore our sunscreen and bug spray and had a great time on safari!


We visited the land down under this week!  We sang Waltzing Matilda, went on a walkabout to see all kinds of great Australian animals and did dot art on the Sydney Opera House!  G'day Mate!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Story with Fancy Nancy!

We had Fancy Nancy Ms. Baker read to us today!  It was super fun and we all felt quite posh!

Reading with the big kids!

One of our fun run prizes was to have the class of our middle school helper, Fayth, come down and read to us!  It was such a success that we want to do it every month!

Fun Run!

After 2 weeks of preparations, the Fun Run arrived!  The kids were AMAZING!  And the Fun Run was a blast!  If you ever need a fundraiser for your school, check out Boosterthon!  They are awesome!  Most kids in the class ran at least 30 laps and some almost 40!  One kiddo ran about 20 and then went around giving hugs and compliments to all of the many volunteers!  It was so sweet!

Fun Run Ninjas!!

We won one of the Fun Run competitions and got to be ninjas through the school giving nice notes to different people!  It was so much fun!


We went to Antarctica and saw lots, and lots, and lots of penguins!  We also got to have a snowball fight!  And even though it is freezing in Antarctica, we got to be in our pajamas from the Fun Run!