Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Healthy Eating Unit- Brad's Raw Kale Chips

What adventurous eaters we have in class!  Today we tried Kale Chips and they were a big hit with most of us!  We tried 3 kinds: Nacho, "Naked" (the favorite!!), and Pina Kale-Oda (a sweeter version of kale chips with pineapple and coconut!)  Thanks to Brad's Raw Kale chips for sending us the samples!

Here are their comments:
Nacho kale chips:
YUM!  I love these!
WOW!  These are really good!
I love them!
I tried it and it tasted like cheese!
Pina Kale-oda:
You guys are the coolest!
Thank you for making these!
I love them!
Thank you for sending us these!
Naked kale chips (the favorite because they loved the name!):
You guys are the best!
I can eat the whole box of them!
I don’t like them, I love them!!!
Thanks for making these!
I love you!

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