Friday, December 21, 2018

Gingerbread Houses!

For our last day before break, we made gingerbread houses!  The kids were so clever and creative!

Planting Candy Canes

We got to plant candy canes!!  Who knew you could do that!  We put sugar in a cup, threw in a candy cane seed, added some sprinkles and later on.....a candy cane grew!!


We learned about the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokaflod!  We did our own book exchange in class!  It was so great!

The Theater!

We went to the Boulder Dinner Theater this week to see a play and it was FANTASTIC!  Some of our kiddos even got to be a part of the play!  And, of course, the bus ride was a big hit!

Gingerbread Men!

We read the story of the gingerbread man this week!  When we went to eat our cookies, we discovered they had run away!!  Yikes!  We chased them around the school and finally found them!  We then got to decorate them and eat them!  Yum!

Friday, December 14, 2018

St. Nick!

St. Nick was busy visiting kiddos across Europe on December 6 but he had a little free time today so we had a visit from him!  We got to take off our shoes during rest time and leave them outside of our classroom!  St. Nick came and brought us a treat and a sparkly star!