Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Healthy Eating Unit- Thank you Quinn Snacks!

We got to try some delicious popcorn and pretzels today from Quinn snacks (  The kdis were so excited because Quinn is the name of one of our student's brothers AND it's the name of the son of the Quinn snacks founder!  We got to try kale popcorn, honey pretzels, and coconut oil popcorn (prompting more "COCONUT OIL" chants!!)  Everything was such a hug hit!  Here is what the kids had to say:

Kyren says, “I love the pretzels so much!  I can taste the honey part!”
Nolan says, “The best thing I like it the pretzels because I can taste the honey!”
Evan says, “I just love the coconut oil popcorn.  It is so stinkin’ good.  I love it so much that I would freak out if my mommy got it.”
Cohen, “I really like all of this.  I like the green popcorn because I like how that stuff tastes!”
Austin says, “I really like the pretzels and popcorn.  The popcorn tastes like super good popcorn and in the pretzels I can taste the honey!
Sydney says, “I really love it all.  The popcorn is real, real, real good and almost tastes buttery!  I love it so much!  Thank you for letting us have it!”
Olivia says, “I like the pretzels and white popcorn.  I ate all of the popcorn because I really love it!”
Gavin says, “I like that popcorn and pretzels A LOT!  They are THE BEST!”
Colton says, “I like the popcorn and pretzels because I can taste the honey and coconut oil!”
Elliot says, “I like the pretzels because they taste good!”
Jocelyn says, “I love the popcorn and pretzels so much because I love what you did to them!”
Kendrah says, “I like the white popcorn because it has the coconut oil!  And I like the pretzels!”
Ashlynne says, “I like the coconut oil popcorn.  It is my new favorite! And I love it!”
Kallen says, “I love the pretzels because I can taste that salt on them!”

Ms. Baker says, “Wow! I’ve never heard the class as quiet as they were when they were munching on Quinn snacks!”

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