Thursday, November 3, 2016

Health Eating Unit- Thank you Dragon Herbs

Today we got to try a superfood....goji berries! They are good for our skin, eyes, immune system and more!  Dragon Herbs ( sent us some and they are my favorite!  They aren't all dried out like I always seem to find in the store!  They were a great post rest time pick me up too!  The kids got to eat them after rest time then we went to recess and they "ran faster" and "swinged higher" according to one kiddo!

Here is what the kids had to say about the goji berries:
Elliot says, “They taste really good!”
Malloreigh says, “I think these taste good.  Are they named after a goat?
Cohen says, “I like them because they taste good!”
Jocelyn says, “I love them so much that you are just the best company ever!”
Meara says, “I love goji berries.  They tasted a lot gooder.”
Nolan says, “Thank you for the goji berries.”
Arya says, “I like these so much because they have things in them that taste good.”
Kendrah says, “I like the goji berries because they are yummy!”

Kallen says, “Thank you!  I like them!”

They loved the booklets that came with the goji berries too!  Some kids even brought it on the playground with them!

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