Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thank you, Go Raw!

Today we tried sprouted pumpkin seeds and carrot cake "cookies" by a company called Go Raw (www.goraw.com)  The great thing about them was that neither treat had any added sugar so our bodies were very healthy!  I told the kids that it would make their bodies go "zing!!"
Here is what the kids had to say:

Sprouted Pumpkin seeds:

Addy- Thank you so much.  These taste so good!
Toron- The pumpkin seeds are delicious!
Connor- Thank you for these pumpkin seeds for our class!
Cooper- Thank you for these great seeds!
Ava- Thank you for bringing such a really, really yummy snack to our class!

Ellie- Thank you for giving the seeds to us.  I am so thankful for you!

Carrot Cake Cookies:
Toron- Those are just too good!
Kailey- Thank you for the cookie crackers!  They were so crunchy!
Connor- Thank you for the cookies!  They taste super good!
Luke- I like those a lot!
Cooper- I like the cookie crackers.  They taste so good!
Aubrey- Those are really, really good!
Ellie- Thank you so much for the cookies!  I love them!
Colten- Thank you for the cookies. (can I have some more Ms. Baker!)

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