Friday, October 2, 2015

Around the world with Ms. Baker's class!

We just spent the last month taking an imaginary trip around the world!  It was so fun to see the Eiffel Tower and Nessie in Europe, go on a safari in Africa, sing at the Sydney Opera House and go on a walkabout in Australia, have a snowball fight in Antarctica, learn about football in North America, see the rain forest in South America, and make kites and see elephants do really cool things in Asia!

We made globed to see what each continent looked like!

Passports and suitcases are ready so we're off!

Henna tattoos and head coverings in the Middle East!

The boys got henna tattoos too!

On safari in Africa!

Making maps!

Protecting ourselves with a "poisoned blow dart" in South America!

Kites in Asia!

Learning to use chopsticks in Asia!

Greek Salad in Europe!

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