Monday, September 10, 2012

The North Pole

We read a story about the North Pole and part of the story talked about a pipeline that was built there.  We had a great discussion as a class about whether there should be pipelines there and if so, what do we do about the animals.  If not, what do we do for oil.  The kids had some great ideas!  The kids that answered are listed below by their initials.

GH- We should have a pipeline but build it higher so animals can go under it.
EB- We should have a pipeline and just make more land for the animals
AV- Build pipelines and give the animals a new home
CR- All of the animals could move to the South Pole with the penguins and walruses
RB- Make the pipes smaller so the animals have more room
NB- Make a smaller pipeline
MA- Cut the pipe down...let the animals have their home.  We can get lights and stuff from electricity.
ST- Put the pipes where people are...give the animals their land back.
CR- Put the pipe underground
NB- Make pipe higher so animals can pass under
MH- Build the pipes out of wood so animals could climb on it and play
CL- Build the pipe somewhere else
SR- Put the pipe by a deer's house to give it light
RK- Build the pipe right next to the water to give the animals more space

What a class of thinkers we have!!

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