Saturday, September 29, 2012

Applesauce day!

To celebrate all that we learned about Johnny Appleseed this week, we made applesauce!  It is one of my favorite days in kindergarten (hence the large amount of pictures!)

Everyone brought in sliced apples that we then got to chop up into small pieces.  I was amazed by the concentration and focus of the students while doing this!

After we threw all of the apples in a crock pot, we sat down and illustrated a book that we got to read to our friends!

We also got to have our picture taken with Johnny Appleseed!

We cooked the apples for an hour then stirred and mashed them.

We had visitors come to eat applesauce with us and we made sure they had plenty!

We finally got to eat the applesauce ourselves (though it was more like warm chunky apples then actual applesauce.)  My favorite quote of the day was a child who was eating his said, "This sure is good Ms. Baker, but when do we get to eat applesauce!"  I am not sure what we made but it was yummy!

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