Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We made the Eiffel Tower out of pipe cleaners to work our fine motor and math skills!

We made a yummy Greek salad!  The kids all have their own individual recipes of what they tried that will be going home in their Friday folder!
There are so many wonderful countries in Europe to learn about but because of time we only got to go to two.  We went to Greece and France.  In France, we saw the Eiffel Tower, learned how to sing Aux Champs Elysses, and greeted each other with a "Bonjour!"  In Greece, we watched me sing Mama Mia in Santorini (we watched it over and over because the kids loved it), ate Greek salad, and looked at a volcano.  We had a blast and now we all want to go back to Europe and learn about more of the countries!

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