Friday, September 14, 2012

Cooking Club- dessert sushi

Trying Nori (seaweed paper!)

Some of the kids LOVED the nori!

Some kids were not so sure about it!

We got fresh fruit for the dessert sushi to pretend it was fresh fish!

We put the fresh fruit on top of a rice krispy treat!

And voila...dessert sushi!

We also used sushi wraps to wrap rice krispt treats in a fruit rollup!

The kids had fun wrapping it!

When the kids came to the cooking club tables, they all knelt down like this.  When I asked them why, they said, "Because they sit on the floor to eat in Japan!"  How clever!
We went back to Asia today for cooking club and made dessert sushi.  It was so fun and the kids even greeted our cooking club volunteers Mrs. Jynette and Mrs. Kate with a "konichiwa!" And they thanked the with a "doumo"--(If my sister Audrey is reading this I am sorry we did not say the super polite form of thank you but it is just so long!!)

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  1. Ms. Baker, this is fantastic!! We love reading about what happens every day in the classroom. Thank you for doing this!! :)