Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Upstart Kombucha

Wow! When I asked the best kombucha company ever, Upstart, to sponsor our healthy eating unit, I wasn't entirely sure how the kids would take to kombucha.  But...they LOVED it!  We had so much fun trying 2 different green and rose....and we even tried mixing them!  I love these kids and their willingness to try new things!  Here is what some of them had to say about kombucha:

“That was fantastic!” –Delaney
“I like that because it is so good!” –Aubrey
“I LOVE IT!” –Jayson
“That was so good.  Both of the kinds were delicious and when they were mixed they were so good too!” –Collin
“It is so yummy that I want to drink all of it!” –Trista
“All of it is super yummy because it is super good and I love it so much!” –Reese
“I love that drink so much!” -Isaac

Thank you Upstart Kombucha ( for sponsoring our healthy eating unit!

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