Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hope Hummus

Today we got to sample of of my favorite things ever...hummus!  Hummus is Yummus I like to say!! Hope hummus ( donated some of their original hummus (the "yellow kind") and their spicy avocado hummus (the "green kind")!  We got to use some Quinn pretzels and sample each kind then choose if what we wanted!  I was so happy that most kids wanted to eat both of them!  Yum!  And...Quinn sea salt pretzels + Hope hummus = AMAZING! Here is what some of the kids had to say about the hummus:
“I like it and I wish I could have more!” –Aubrey
“I like both so much and I want to eat all of them!” –Trista
“I like that yellow hummus!” –Jayson
“It was pretty much great!” –Olive
“I like the hummus even though it is a little bit spicy!” –Zoe
“Thank you for the hummus!  It is delicious!” –Collin
“It was the best! I cannot stop eating it.  Like literally!” –Macie
“It was really really good!  Especially the yellow one!” -Sloan

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