Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Healthy Eating Unit- Thank you Justin's!

Today we got to try a healthy snack from a local company...Justin's! ( They make the best nut butters!  They also have a healthy peanut butter cup treat.  Today we got to try a new product of theirs...banana chips with honey peanut butter!  It was so delicious and comes in a super convenient pack! Most of the kids could even open them on their own!  The kids loved them so much that when the banana chips ran out, they dipped their finger in the peanut butter to finish it off!

Here is what the kids had to say about the treats:
Cohen says, “I really like these because the chips taste like bananas and the peanut butter tastes like peanut butter!”
Malachi says, “Best thing that I ever had!”
Malloreigh, “This is the best snack!  Better than all others!”
Nolan says, “It’s phenomenal! Can I have another to take home to eat every day?”
Kallen says, “I love this so much.  I love it, love it!  These taste like bananas!”
Jocelyn says, “You are the best company ever!”
Elliot, “I like them!  Those chips taste good!”
Evan says, “This is the super best thing in my life! The thing I like about it is because the peanut butter has a really good taste to it.  I super like it.”
Colton, “Thank you for sending these! I care for them!”
Arya says, “This is the best thing I ever had in my whole entire life!”
Porter says, “This is the best snack in my lifetime!”

Olivia says, “THIS. IS. SO. GOOD!”

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