Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Healthy Eating Unit- Thank you GoRaw!

Today we got to try some healthy treats donated by a company called GoRaw (www.goraw.com)  They were super delicious!  The sprouted watermelon seeds were a huge hit and the spirulina bars made everyone feel like their brains were getting smarter!  They also have really great pumpkin "cookies" and bars!  We didn't get to try them today but they are something I always have on hand at home! Here is what the kids had to say about the treats:

Colton says, “I care for those seeds.  They are really good!”
Evan says, “The seeds are so good.  I like that they are hard and tasty.”
Jocelyn says, “I like the seeds. They are the best I have ever had!”
Cohen says, “These seeds are so yummy!  And that bar really tastes good!”
Meara says, “I like the seeds because they had a really good taste. It’s a taste that I like. Thank you for those new foods!”
Kyren says, “I like the seeds because they are hard.”
Kallen says, “Thank you so much for sending those things!”
Elliot says, “I love those seeds and that bar because they really have a good taste!”
Olivia says, “I LOVE this bar! And it feels so healthy for my brain!”
Arya says, “I love the seeds because they taste good and I love the salt in them.  I love that you made them!”

Nolan says, “I really like these seeds because they really taste good!”

Ashlynne, “I like that bar!  They are good in my mouth and good for my body!”

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