Thursday, October 27, 2016

Healthy Eating Unit- Thank you Jackson's Honest

We had another local company...Jackson's Honest ( send us healthy snacks today!  This one is a chip company and THEY ARE DELICIOUS!  One kid pointed out after seeing the bags that they are the chips that I eat every day!  What makes them healthy is that they are baked with nutrient rich coconut oil!  They even sent a cute book to us about how the company got started!  At the end of the story, the kids spontaneously began cheering:

And when we were trying to take our thank you picture, they were still cheering!

And here is what the kids had to say about these yummy chips!
Evan says, “The purple ones….wow, I just love them!  They are so good!”
Arya says, “The purple chips are the bestest to me.  I love coconut oil and salt!”
Jocelyn says, “I really love these chips!  Thanks for making them!”
Colton says, “Thank you for these chips!”
Malloreigh says, “I want to know if your son is ok?”
Gavin says, “Thank you!  These are so good!  How is your kid doing?”
Nolan says, “These are the bestest chips I have ever had.  And is your son ok? These are just so very delicious!”
Cohen says, “I really like these! I just really like them all!”
Elliot says, “This is the best snack I have ever had!”
Kyren says, “This is the bestest thing I ever had in the United States!”
Meara says, “These are beautiful and better than anything in the whole entire world!”
Malachi says, “Best thing in the whole entire world that I ever tasted!”

Ashlynne says, “I love those purple chips! I love love them!”

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