Friday, April 15, 2016

Veggie Day!

Every year we have a veggie day where the kids get to bring their favorite vegetable to school for everyone to try!  We try to move beyond the traditional carrots and cucumbers and ranch and try new veggies in new ways!  Its a fun way for kids to share something they like with the class and for everyone to try new things!  One of my favorite vegetables is Brussels Sprouts!  When I was younger, I called my little brother "Russell Sprouts" and pretty much scarred him for life.  Sorry Russell!  It has actually come in handy though because I always tell the kids about that and when I bring "Russell Sprouts" to the party, everyone is excited to try them then we get to FaceTime Russell and tell him about it!  Today's party was great and everyone got to try some new veggies....and most of the class decided they like more things than they thought they did!!

Getting ready to eat a "Russell Sprout"!

Learning how to eat an artichoke!

"Can I please have two plates Ms. Baker?  There is so much that I want to try!!"

We had a visit from a carrot!

The Russell Sprout crew!

The kiddos who "LOVED" Russell Sprouts!

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