Friday, April 22, 2016

Dad Day!

Today was dad day in kindergarten and it was a blast!  Dad's got to come for recess then stay to teach us how to shave and to be interviewed!  It was an awesome day!  And to top it off, my dad got to come too!

The kids got to ask the dad's some questions!

The dads taught the kids how to shave!

Then the kids got to shave their dad!

I didn't get off of the hook...the kids practiced on me too!!

It was fun to have my dad at school today too.  He just happened to be in from Louisiana today!

I love this!  Here is Logan's reaction to dad day: “I like shaving.  Love mom and dad.  It was fun.  I love dad day.  It was the best day ever.  I love my dad.  He is awesome.  Shaving is fun.  I can’t wait for being a grown-up.  It is awesome.”

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