Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thank you, Itzy Ritzy!

It's handing out reusable bags week!  To celebrate our awesomeness, we had some more companies donate reusable items to the kids to help them be world changers!  Today we got reusable zippered snack pouches from Itzy Ritzy https://www.itzyritzy.com/.  The kids love them because they zip, they have really cute patterns, and they having a lining inside!  Thank you Itzy Ritzy!

Delaney says, “Your bags are so beautiful!  I just love how they have the stuff (lining) inside so nothing can soak through.  And it is so great that you can take it on the airplane.  Can I use it as my wallet? I really like that nothing will get messed up in them, even snacks.”

Jasper says, “Thank you for the bags.  I like them.  When it gets wet inside it doesn’t even soak through.  That is so cool.  I want to get one for my whole family!”

Addy says, “I would like to have these forever and ever.  They are so beautiful.  And they are so nice and dry and wet proof on the inside.  I want my whole family to have some.  Thank you for giving them to us. The colors are so beautiful.”

Colten says, “These are so pretty.  I have black and white stripes.  All of them are so pretty though!  My mom will really want this too!”

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