Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thank you, Bumkins

We started our service learning campaign today!  We are learning about trash and how we can make less of it!  We will design reusable bags that we will get to hand out for free to people going into King Soopers!

To help us practice making less trash many companies have partnered with us to send the kiddos items that they can reuse to encourage less waste!

Our first company that we received items from is Bumkins (www.bumkins.com).  They sent us different designs and sizes of reusable pouches that could be use for sandwiches, chips, snacks, etc!  The kids are so excited to use them in their lunchboxes!  Thank you Bumkins!

Delaney says, “Thank you for donating these!  I love how you made the designs and different sizes.  They are really cool.  We want to give you a really big thank you poster!”

Toron says, “We like the bags so much.  I love them because of the different sizes and we can put food in them so we don’t have to throw anything away.  They aren’t like usual bags because they have a zipper that is easy to use! The Dr. Seuss ones are my favorite but lots of people like the pink, blue, and white swirly ones too!”

Jasper says, “Thank you for giving us these bags.  They are so soft and I like all of the sizes.  It is great that we can keep them so we don’t throw them away.  They seem great and you can’t ruin them.”

Addy says, “We love sharing our world together with you!”

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