Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thank you, Love bags

To continue our learning this week about how to make less trash, a fabulous company, Love Bags ( sent up some reusable bags!  The kids are so excited about the different patterns!  They are also excited to be able to buy "clothes, school supplies, food, and toys" to put in their new bags!  They also spent their free time after lunch going through the catalog circling the additional bags they want!
Cooper says, “Thank you for giving us the bags.   It’s great because if you are shopping and something is heavy then you can put it in the bag and not have to get a throw away one from the store.”

Camden says, “I really like these bags.  Thank you!  They are great because there are so many different kinds.  I like that you put on the tags so we know where to go to order different ones if we want!”

Annabelle says, “Thank you for the bags.  I very much like them.  Thank you very much.  I like the different colors and how the bags are different than other bags.  I really like the ones you can roll up in the pouch.”

Luke says, “Thank you for giving these bags to us.  I am ready to put stuff in them like my lunch!”

Spending our free time circling more reusable bags we want!

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